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Sermon Discussion Questions

These questions can be used by your Faith Group to discuss "The Plague Within" preached June 11, 2023 by Pastor Richard from Exodus 7-11. Open your group with a prayer. Use these questions as a guide; select the points you want to discuss.


  1. How do you react when conditions such as Covid-19 or even the smoke from recent Canadian wildfires disrupt daily life?

  2. If more than one "plague" occurred in immediate succession, would you think someone was trying to send a message? Why?



  1. in Exodus 6:28-7:5, 80 year old Moses and 83 year old Aaron approached Pharaoh demanding he let Israel go. Why do you think Pharaoh said "no?"

  2. In Exodus 7:8-13 Moses gave a preliminary miracle at Pharaoh's request. Why did God choose to show Pharaoh a staff turning into a snake?

  3. Since Pharaoh requested the miracle as proof, why didn't he heed it when it was performed? How did God then show He was superior? What prevented him from believing it? See Exodus 7:13.

  4. Discuss the 10 Plagues in order. Which do you find most threatening? Convincing? 

  5. How is darkness used in Scripture? Consider the creation account, during Jesus' hours on the Cross, and Hell.

  6. How were the 10 Plagues like a "battle of the gods?" See Exodus 12:12.

  7. What are the lessons the 10 Plagues teach? 

  8. How is the repeated refrain about Pharaoh's hard heart a warning to us? 


  1. Comment on the quote, "The root of unbelief is a problem of the heart, not the head."

  2. Can a Christian suffer from a hard heart?

  3. How will the return of Jesus to Earth be like the return of Moses to Egypt?

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