The Nursery

The FCC Nursery

We know parents aren't comfortable unless they feel their child is safe and comfortable. We understand; plenty of us are parents, too! So, our goal is to provide excellent care for every child.

We work hard to provide parents a safe, well-staffed nursery during all our services. Infants through toddlers receive loving, personalized attention in rooms specific to their age. Staff receive background checks and training. Doors have windows where parents can view their children at any time.

The Nursery Department is divided into two rooms on the church's lower level. Room "D" is for babies. This is a room where infants can be rocked, given a bottle or take a nap. Room "F" is for toddlers who are walking well and need room to push a car or a doll stroller and do what toddlers like to do: move about freely. 

Between the Nursery and Toddler rooms is the "Check-in Room," Room "E." This is where you register your child, receive name tags, drop off and pick them up after worship. You'll find all of these rooms clearly marked in the main lower hallway.

We're committed to providing the same care for your child as you do at home. Children matter to God and they matter to us!

The Nursery

We require all of our volunteers to do the following 4 steps in order to be cleared to work with our children. 

Step 1: Fill out a Safety Application

Step 2: Perform all three Background Checks

PA State Police Criminal Record (free)

PA Child Abuse History Clearance (free)

FBI Fingerprint  or Volunteer Affidavit (If you've lived in PA for more than 10 years. Must be notarized.)

Step 3: Read and Sign FCC's Children's Ministry Policy & Procedure Manual

Step 4: Read and Sign the FCC Code of Conduct

Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of our children!