The best way for you to get to know other members of FCC is to join a FaithGroup. FaithGroups meet for three seasons each year: Fall (September to Thanksgiving), Winter (January to Easter) and Spring (April to Memorial Day). You can join a group during the sign-up period just prior to each season. Sign-up cards are available in the Sunday morning church bulletin during these time periods.

Jesus believed in small groups. He formed a group of 12 men. They watched Jesus up close and personal for 3 years. They ate together, traveled together, prayed together, discussed His teaching together, laughed and cried together. 

Just like them, we like to get into smaller groups, too. FaithGroups provide the place to live out our Christian life. You cannot love, forgive, accept or encourage in a room full of hundreds of people. Small groups provide the context and accountability that you and others need to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

When FaithGroups are in season, the Sunday church bulletin contains a discussion guide with Scriptures and questions based upon the sermon to discuss with your group. If you can't be in church, the guide and the sermon are available on our website. If you've heard Pastor Richard's message, you're already prepared for group! All you have to do is show up and talk about it. Give it a try!