Sermon Discussion Questions

These questions can be used by your Faith Group to discuss Part 2 of "The Love Challenge"  preached November 20, 2022. Open your group with a prayer. Use these questions as a guide; select the points you want to discuss.



  1. How would draw the concept of love on paper?

  2. If love were a color, which color would it be? If love were a car...  If love were a kitchen appliance...  If love were a weather forecast...  If love were a city....   If love were a tree...


  1. Have someone read 1 Corinthians 13:1-8.

  2. Paul says "Love is patient." The sermon defined patience as refusing to complain when it's uncomfortable. Have you ever thought it easier to show patience to a stranger or casual acquaintance than to someone you know well? Why is that?

  3. List some non-verbal ways to complain. How do you feel when you see someone do one of these toward you? Why?

  4. Can patience be confused with tolerating sin?

  5. Should our patience have a limit? Does God's patience have a limit? Consider 2 Peter 3:9-11.

  6. Paul says next, "Love is kind." The sermon gave two examples of people's kindnesses that went viral on social media. Why do you suppose these small acts drew such widespread reaction?

  7. Courtesy is a part of kindness because it demonstrates that someone has intrinsic value. How is this thought heightened by Christianity? What effect does courtesy have on the recipient? 

  8. Paul says next, "Love does not envy." The Evil Queen in Disney's Snow White fairy tale consulted her Magic Mirror daily for confirmation she was the fairest in the kingdom. After she learned she wasn't  the fairest, what effect did envy have on her? On Snow White? Are these effects typical with sin of envy?

  9. Do you agree with the suggestion that Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps can be a modern magic mirror?

  10. What effects can Social Media Envy have on us? What can we do about it?



  1. The Love Challenge for patience: Accept discomfort. Extend grace to others. Don't expect perfection.

    • Which is the most difficult of these? Why? 

    • What are practical ways to implement each one?

  2. The Love Challenge for kindness: Strive to be gentle. Try to be friendly. Be courteous. 

    • Brainstorm "random acts of kindness" you could do as a small group.

  3. The Love Challenge for contentment: Give thanks in everything. Thank God for what others have achieved, earned, or gained.

  4. Report on your progress in these areas at your next group meeting.​