The Coronavirus has significantly impacted every aspect of life, including the way we gather for worship and meet needs in the community. If we've learned anything from the crisis it's that Christianity is meant to be lived in community. But given that this isn't a possibility right now, below is how we are living as the church in these days. 

Worship. Services are recorded and posted every weekend here on our website. We encourage you to not only watch them, but participate with them. Read the Scriptures, sing along and pray as unto the Lord. Quarantining has drawbacks but it can also have advantages. Consider beginning or re-beginning personal discipleship routines like Bible reading, memorization and prayer. Here are two helpful tools: YouVersion's Bible App and Bible Memory App. Both of these tools are available for compter, tablet and smartphone.

Communion. Pastor Richard is leading virtual communion services once a month. A link is distributed by email the day before with instructions on how to participate. Make sure you're on FaithNet to receive the email.

Offering. Since church, mercy and missionary expenses continue, please give using the offering button on the Online Worship page or main menu Give button.

Outreach. Pray for people you know who might appreciate or benefit from a particular sermon and share the link directly or on your social media accounts. Look out for your neighbors, especially those vulnerable to the virus or impacted by the quarantine and offer to help or pray for them.

Service. This is far more challenging. Currently our main means of serving our community is through the Network food pantry. Go to our distribution page or Facebook page for current information. We will share opportunities as needs arise by email. Are you on FaithNet?

Prayer. Please use the Forum page to share your prayer requests. You can access it from the main menu.

Fellowship. Some FaithGroups are able to meet virtually. If you're part of one and able to facilitate an online gathering, please volunteer. Some are meeting one-on-one or with their Bible study group. We encourage you to join or start one of your own!

These are trying times but God is able to work all things together for good! Keep safe and keep looking up!

- The FCC Elders

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