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Preparing for Easter from Leviticus?

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On Easter afternoon,  Jesus disguised himself and joined two men walking away from Jerusalem on the Emmaus Road (Luke 24). They were discouraged. They had been followers of Jesus. But now that Jesus was crucified their hopes were dashed. Jesus gently chastised the two for their ignorance of “God’s Rescue Story.” As they walked He led them through a study of the Old Testament highlighting the ways the prophets had depicted God's rescuer. I have no doubt that his Bible study touched upon the Book of Leviticus, too. He opened their eyes to the wonderful truths we'll study in this series.


Leviticus is not among the most read books of the Bible but my experience is: the treasure you must dig the deepest to uncover is often the most valuable. That’s certainly what the disciples on the Emmaus Road discovered! This series, preached in preparation for Easter 2020, will uncover valuable truths about Jesus that are edifying anytime of the year!

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