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Worst Christmas Ever
Preparing For Christmas 2022

Worship Series

Have you ever been discouraged or depressed at Christmastime?  Bad gifts. Burnt hams. Fights with the rellies. Traffic jams. Petulant kids. And choking down Aunt Fanny's fruitcake with a fake smile. Maybe you think your worst Christmas was the worst Christmas ever. But, that could change after you consider the First Christmas Ever.


In this series we'll look at the “First Christmas Ever” – and I think you’ll come to agree – there’s a case for it being named the “Worst Christmas Ever!” Why? Because “The First Christmas Ever” featured an Unplanned Pregnancy, an Unexpected Journey, and an Uncomfortable Nativity.


We’ll look at each of these events in this series. And by the time we’re finished, you’ll have to admit: the First Christmas was pretty uncomfortable. But, I think you’ll also see that God made the first Christmas uncomfortable for a reason:


                    God used the uncomfortable to accomplish the impossible.


All of which might just inject a dose of perspective into your Christmas celebrations.

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